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St. Demetrios St. Demetrios


In this pilgrimage, the visitor will have an extended tour of important and unique ancient and Byzantine monuments, monastic buildings, churches, Christian curios, locations and ecosystems of tremendous beauty and traditional village settings.

Thessaloniki - Ouranopouli - Drama - Philippi - Kavala - Veroia - Vergina

The following excursion can be modified to meet your desires and budget. We are able to arrange customized and tailor-made trips just for you based on your needs.

The detailed itinerary is as follows:


Arrival at the airport. Transfer and tour of the historical center of Thessaloniki, the capital of the region of Macedonia. A unique city with a very long and ancient history, it is in this city that St Paul the Apostle taught the Christian faith to the Thessalonians to whom he addressed two of his epistles.

We will visit Saint Demetrios’ cathedral and we will venerate his scull. Then we will visit the crypt where he was imprisoned, martyred and buried. We will then continue the Cathedral of Saint Gregory Palamas (one of the most insightful theologians of the Orthodox Church, 1296-1359) where his relics are maintained. Then, we will walk the Acheiropoiitos, an early christian church of the 5th century AD which contains mosaics of exquisite beauty and harmonious colors. Our route will take us to the Museum of the Macedonian Fight, the Rotonda Church and will end at Castra (Castles), with the panoramic view of the Thermaic gulf, for dinner.

After dinner, we will return to our hotel for the night.


Breakfast and departure for Ouranoupolis. Our destination is toward the southeast of Chalkidiki. We will be following a route full of ancient beauty and byzantine devoution, among forests, vineyards and orchards, sandy beaches, picturesque villages, such as Arnaia, and Stageira (the birth place of Aristotle the Philosopher). Once we reach Ouranoupolis, we embark on a cruise around the Athonite Peninsula to see the impressive monasteries and the natural beauty of Mount Athos, the cradle of Orthodoxy, the orchard of the Theotokos. Upon our return from the boat trip in Ouranopoulis, we will visit the Byzantine monastery of Zygos, which is the most ancient monastery in Mount Athos. On our way back to Thessaloniki and if there is time we shall visit Stageira and the park of Aristotle which is equipped with examples of his experiments demonstrating natural phenomena which are mentioned in the book of the great Philosopher “Fysika”. It combines in an intelligent way entertainment and education. We will stop for supper and return to our hotel to rest for the night.


After breakfast we depart for a day trip to Drama where we will be visiting the Ascension Monastery where we can venerate the relics of the recent canonised Saint George Karsalidis. Next, we will go toward Philippi, the town which is the gate of Christianity for Greece and the western world, where St. Paul the Apostle baptized the first European Christian, Lydia. We will also be visiting the ancient sites of the city. In Kavala we will have supper. Return to our hotel and rest for the night.


After breakfast, we depart for the famous monastery of Soumela. It is in this monastery that the miraculous icon of the Theotokos, (one of the icons of Saint and Apostle Luke) is kept, and was brought there by the Greek refuges from Asia Minor. Next, we wil visit the archeological site of Vergina. One of the most important, if not the most important archeological excavation of modern Greece, that archeologist Manolis Andronikos brought to light, through the discovery of Greek history and language on that site more than 2.400years old. In Vergina, Alexander the Great, the king of the Macedonians was pronounced king and studied under one of the greatest philosophers of all of time, Aristotle. Also, in Vergina the tomb of his father, King Philip can be visited. We will then go toward southwest to the unique Meteora. Arrival at our hotel.


After breakfast we will visit the monasteries which literally “hang” in the air. Meteora, the biggest and most important site of Orthodoxy after Mount Athos, is a community of monasteries. In this exquisite and surreal landscape of the gigantic rocks, the first hermits landed in the 11th century AD. We will tour the monasteries and the museum. After that we will be returning to our hotel and there will be free time for a walk or shopping. Overnight stay.


Departing from Meteora after breakfast and heading toward Athens with an intermediate stop at Lake Plastira. The landscape is absolutely magical. We will be relaxing next to the lake and stoping for a coffee and then we will continue with our trip. On our way to Athens, we will also make another stop in Thiva to venerate the tomb of Saint and Evangelist Luke. Arrival in Athens at our hotel and rest for the day.


After breakfast there will be time to walk around the historic center of Athens, the birth place of Democracy, philosophy and wisdom. We will first go toward the Parthenon at the Acropolis and then toward the Areio Pago, the highest Court of antiquity. It is at the Areios Pagos that St. Paul the Apostle preached the Christian faith and taught the Athenians about the “unknown God”. Our next stop will be the new Acropolis museum, the 9th century AD church of St. Demetrious Loumbardiaris, the Athens Cathedral where the relics of Saint Philothea the Athenian are found who is the patron saint of Athens. We will also walk toward Syntagma (constitution) square and witness the changing of the guard. We will end our day with a beautiful dinner on the hill of Lycabetus enjoying the panoramic view of Athens.


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    • Pilgrimage to Saint Patapios in Corinth. (day trip).
    • Pilgrimage to the cell of Saint Porphyrios in Milesi (day trip)
    • Pilgrimage to Saint Ephraim the New Martyr and the 11th century AD Monastery of Pantocrator in Penteli (day trip)


Breakfast and departure for the airport.


PRICE PER PERSON sharing a double room, from  €
Additional charge for single room €
PRICE PER PERSON (private tour up to 4 people)  from 
Additional charge for single room 

Prices for groups of fewer than 4 people please contact us

Special prices available for groups over 30 people

What is included
- Transfers by coach or private car (for private tours)
- Entrance fees at archeological sites
- Professional Guide at archeological places
- Tour Leader in English
- Overnights in 4* or 5* hotels
- Breakfast at the hotels daily
- Local taxes


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