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Our tour in this very rich in monuments and special part of Greece will allow the visitor to come in touch with Ancient Greece and the Christian Byzantine Greece, miraculous icons and relics of saints and apostles and also enjoy the amazing natural beauty of the peninsula. On our route we will cross over big mountains, beaches, canyons, caves as well as traditional villages, wineries, olive presses etc.


The following excursion can be modified to meet your desires and budget. We are able to arrange customized and tailor-made trips just for you based on your needs.

The itinerary is as follows:


Arrival at the airport and transfer at the monastery of Saint Ephraim the New, the 11th century Monastery of Pantocrator in Penteli where we will venerate the relics of the 168 fathers who were brutally slaughtered on the day of Pascha by Saracen pirates.

Arrival at the hotel. We will be dining on the hill of Lycabetus, overlooking the panoramic view of Athens.

Return to our hotel for the night.


After taking our breakfast we will start our tour through the historical center of Athens, the birthplace of Democracy, Philosophy and wisdom and knowledge.

Our first stop will be at the Acropolis. A monument of global inheritance and importance with the Herodion odeon at its footsteps and on of the most ancient theaters of antiquity the Dionysios theater. Also we will be stopping by the rock (Areios Pagos) where the Apostle Paul conveyed the good news about the “Unknown God”. We will then walk through the ancient Roman forum and get to the new Acropolis Museum, the hill of Philopappou nearby, Syntagma square, the monument of the Unknown Soldier and watch the exchange of the presidential guard. We will also have the chance to visit byzantine churches on our tour around Athens, such as the Cathedral where the relics of Saint Philothei the patron saint of Athens, are kept and the church of Kapnikarea an 11th century AD monument.

Return to the hotel. Dinner and rest for the night.


Breakfast and departure for the historic town of Nafpio. On our way to Nafplio we will make a short stop at a traditional winery.

Upon our arrival to Nafplio, we will be going up to the castle of Palamidi. (there are 999 steps so whoever is up to it can join in) and enjoy the panoramic wonderful view.

It is in this town we will also visit the prison where the general of the Greek Revolution, Theodoros Kolokotronis was imprisoned. We will walk through the narrow streets of the old city and the way will take us out to the beach front where the island of Bourtzi can be seen across.

We will pass through the church of Saint Spyridon; it here that the first and only governor of Greece Ioannis Kapodistrias was assassinated.

We will leave beautiful Nafplio and continue for the monastery of Panagia (Holy Mother of God) of Malevi. The monastery is nested in a forest of spruce trees and the beauty of the nature surrounding is wondrous. Here, the miraculous and myrrh bearing icon of the Theotokos (Holy Mother of God) can be found.

Our next and final stop for the ay will be Monemvasia. We will arrive at the hotel and rest for the night.


We will take our breakfast and walk through the cobblestone narrow alleys of the middle-ages castle of Monemvasia. This is a wonderful experience since every corner and every stone hides a secret that needs to be discovered.


After breakfast, we will head for the Byzantine middle-ages castle-town of Mystras. The memory of the last byzantine emperor is still pretty much alive in Mystras. A tour guide will guide us around the old town.

We will continue our trip toward the wondrous small church of Saint Theodora of Vasta, which is unique in its kind. Seventeen trees have been grown miraculously on the roof of the small church! The wonderful scenery which is located in a chestnut forest is simply breathtaking. We will be amazed by this monument of faith and will depart for our next stop which is Olympia. We arrive at our hotel in Olympia and rest for the night.


After breakfast we will be transferred to the archeological site of Olympia. This is where the Olympic Games started and are still the greatest sports event globally.

We will then continue for the city of Patra where we will venerate the cara (skull relic) of Saint Andrew the First-Called.

Our next and last stop for the day will be the historic mountainous town of Kalavryta.

We will use the track train on our way up to Kalavryta and will enjoy the amazing natural environment and the scenery through the Vouraikos canyon. Upon our arrival, we will visit Mega Spilaio (Big Cave) and we will venerate one of the most ancient icons of Saint Luke the Evangelist. We will then go to our hotel for dinner and rest for the night.


After breakfast we will visit the historic monastery of Saint Lavra, when the revolution for an independent Greek state first started. Here one can venerate the caras of Saint Philaret and Saint Alexius the Man of God.

We will then visit another great miracle of our faith, the Theotokos of the Maple tree. Here we will observe how miraculously a church is carved inside of the cavity of a maple tree. Return to our hotel and free time to wonder around the town.


Breakfast and we depart for Athens for takeoff for our way back home.

ALTERNATIVELY to the above itinerary we can combine the following tours:

- The islands of Zakynthos and Kefallonia.

- Nafpaktos, Mesolonghi and parts of Aitoloakarnania (relics of Saint Kosmas the Aitolian).


PRICE PER PERSON sharing a double room, from  
Additional charge for single room
PRICE PER PERSON sharing a double room, from   (for private tours)
Additional charge for single room

Prices for groups of fewer than 4 people please contact us.

Special prices available for groups over 30 people

What is included:
Transfers by coach or private car(for private tours)
Professional tour leader in English
Entrance fees at the archeological sites
Professional guide at archeological places
Overnights in 4* or 5* Hotels or selected hotels
Breakfast at the hotels daily
Local taxes.


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