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Святая Гора, Удел Богородицы, Акрополь Православия.

 Другого вида мир, истинный, гармоничный, естественный и сверхъестественный. Природа очищенная, девственная, как монахи и отшельники, живущие здесь. Одно место, один полуостров, одно море, один ветер "между небом и землей".

Один кусок земли, где царит тишина и исихазм вместе с божественной динамике. СВЯТАЯ ГОРА - это старый Афон с его византийским величием. Это не мертвый музей. Это живой организм, который дышит, пахнет традицией, прошлым, настоящим и будущим. Там живут люди, которые презирают вещество - или преображают его - и живут ради духа, сути человеческого существования. С уникальными комплексами зданий, с мощами святых, с чудотворными иконами, с библиотеками известными по всему миру, с культурой искусства и литературы более тысячи лет.

СВЯТАЯ ГОРА АФОН: содружество идеальное для подражания. Место, где живут, сотрудничают, общаются разные народы в духе любви и смирения, в духе Божьем.

СВЯТАЯ ГОРА АФОН: живая курильница молитвы и богослужения, святости и благочестие, которая возносит " фимиам, яко кадило пред Триединого Бога" и молитву непрестанно, день и ночь, для спасения и мира всего мира.

Афон принадлежит всему цивилизованному миру и поэтому заслуживает, чтобы все народы земли посетили его, поклонились ему.



Здесь законы биологии упраздняются торжественно.

Помимо нетленности святых мощей, исключительный аромат, успешное лечение пациентов и наблюдается гибкость в диапазоне движений суставов. Укажем некоторые из них:

Старец Виссарион (Ламия)

Святой Георгий Неаполитанский (Афины)

Святой Герасим (Кефалония)

Святой Григорий Богослов (не целые, Кавала)

Святой Дионисий (Закинфос) Святой Иоанн Русский (Эвия)

Святой Потап (Лутраки)

Святой Савва Калимнский (Калимнос)

Святой Спиридон (Керкира)

Преподобная Феодора Августа (Керкира)

Святой Христодул (Патмос)

Mount Athos

Mount Athos, is known as the Orchard of the Virgin Mary and the Acropolis of Orthodoxy A different world, real, balanced, natural and at the same time supernatural. A purified natural world, like the monks and the ascetics who live in it. A land, a peninsula, a sea, an air “between Heaven and Earth”. A land where peace and tranquility reign with a godly dynamic.

Mount Athos: Old Mount Athos with its byzantine grandeur, is not a dead museum. It is a living organism of tradition where people who despise the material world live –or they rather transform their lives- and live in the spirit, searching for the deeper essence of human existence. With unique architectural monastery buildings, holy relics, miraculous icons, rich libraries, Mount Athos culture of letters an arts is more than one thousand years old.

HOLY MOUNTAIN-ATHOS: It is an ideal community a land where different people work together, in the spirit of love, humility and the spirit of God.

HOLY MOUNTAIN-ATHOS: Has been described as a living incense of prayer and worship, holiness and piety that “takes the prayer as incense in front of the Triune God” continuasly, day and night, for the salvation and peace of the whole world.

The HOLY MOUNTAIN belongs to all civilized people of the world and its worth a trip, a pilgrim, among the other places on earth.



5-Day Tour in Greece 28/04-02/05

ATHENS-ANDROS island-TINOS island-MYKONOS island



1st Day:We will be meeting at the Port of Rafina, Attika, and we will start our tour to the following sites:
-Pantocratoros Monastery, otherwise known as Ntaou Penteli. Here we will venerate the relics of the 168 fathers who were brutally slaughtered on the day of Pascha by Saracen pirates.
-Saint Ephraim’s Monastery, to venerate the relics of Saint Ephraim the Wonderworker and Newly Revealed
-Marathon archeological site. We will visit the tomb of Marathon where the battle of Marathon took place in 490 B.C. between the Greeks and the Persians. We will also view the ancient road that the first Marathon runner, Phidippedes ran toward the city of Athens to proclaim that they had defeated the Persians. The classical Athens Marathon is revived here twice a year with a great participation from athletes from all over the world.
After visiting Marathon, we will go back to the Port of Rafina where we will take our boat and sail for the island of Andros and stay there overnight.

2nd Day: Breakfast and transfer to visit the monasteries of St Marina & St Nicholas.
-In the evening we will drive to the historical and picturesque Monastery of Panachrandou. Here we will venerate the “kara” (relics) of Saint Panteleimon and the relics of the newly found myrrh streaming saints.
-Those who wish to stay can take part in the festive night vigil celebration of the newly found myrrh-streaming Saints of the monastery. Midnight dinner to follow at the monastery’s refectory. Overnight stay in Andros.

3rd Day:We will be leaving the island of Andros and will be sailing to the island of Tinos.
- Upon our arrival in Tinos, we will be heading toward to the monastery of Kehrovouniou, the traditional village of Volax and the village of Pyrgos which is the center of marble arts.
-Our guests will be then transferred to their hotel. Overnight stay.

4th Day:In the morning we will visit the church of Megalochari (the One Who Grants Great Favors) to attend Divine Liturgy and the Paraklisis
-The church hosts one of the most miraculous icons which according to Tradition was written by Saint Luke, the Apostle. The Church of Megalochari is a famous well-known sacred place and spiritual pilgrimage.
-After the liturgy we will have free time to walk around the alleys of the island where many colorful and traditional shops can be found.
Optional trip to Mykonos in the afternoon.
Overnight stay in Tinos.

5th Day: After breakfast we depart for Athens towards the town of Milesi where we will be visiting the Monastery of Saint Porphyrios, the newly canonized saint of the Greek Orthodox Church. A holy person in this life, a contemporary saint, clairvoyant and very loving.
-Back to Athens in the afternoon.

For further information and bookings please contact us on:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +30-6971780108

• For those who wish to stay overnight in Athens we can assist with any arrangements, accommodation, tours in the city etc.


Since 1500B.C. natural metallic warm spring waters were used for therapeutic purposes. Today, one can enjoy privately a warm bath in modern facilities to relax and heal from arthritis, respiratory problems, back pain and dermatological conditions.


Greek cuisine is considered among the healthiest cuisines in the world. The taste and the quality of the produce, which is mainly because of its special soil, create a unique freshness of dishes highlighted by the Greek Olive oil. Since the times of Hippocrates and Galenos, olive oil has been used to benefit and protect the human organism.

Greek honey is also excellent as well as olives, herbs, cheeses and the unique mastic aroma used today in cakes, yoghurts and even soaps and body lotions.

The wine list from the various and different regions of Greece are among the best awarded in the world.

New Acropolis Museum

One of the most important museums internationally and undoubtedly the most representative of the Classical art. It hosts unique masterpieces of the classic period. A big number of ancient treasures and artifacts are missing because they are stolen. For instance in the case of Lord Elgin who took down big pieces from the “zoephoros” of the Parthenon in the 19th century and are still grounded in the British Museum.

Archeological Museum of Athens

The National Archeological Museum hosts exhibits and artifacts from all parts of Greece and all eras from the prehistoric era to the end of the Roman period. It is a remarkable MUST see museum.

Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens

Another interesting tour among the 30.000 exhibits of the Byzantine and Christian Museum dating from the 4th century A.D. until the 20th century, such as icons, sculpts, ceramics, ecclesiastical fabrics, paintings, frescoes and mosaics.

National Art Museum

More than 10.000 masterpieces of great artists such Domenicos Theotokopoulos, Gyzis and others are available for every visitor to enjoy the old and the contemporary of Greek art.

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